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Welcome to WordPress. This is your first post. Edit or delete it, then start writing!

With WordPress you can easily upload an audio file and with Post Formats, display it like this!

In options you can easily adjust the colors of the (featured) post to make it stand out. Each post has one simple checkbox to click if you want to feature the post, easy.

  With an image post you just add an image to the top of your content on a page, that’s it! The hovered link option is simply the title of the post. Image Option Control In the Respondo Pro Post Format Options you can control the following: Image Hover Overlay Color – Color of the transparent hover […]

Adding a Youtube video: copy URL, paste in the Visual Editor.

In WordPress you can easily add a gallery of images. With the Gallery Post Format you can display them right on the blog!

A Status Post Format is similar to an Aside Post Format, you can add content (shortcodes and text) to the viewable “excerpt” on the blog page. Add shortcodes and content as needed.

You can Link Anywhere! A Link Post Format allows you to easily link outside of the blog. When adding the link you’ll create the title then you’ll add that title as the first item in the visual editor. You will then (Insert Link), add the link and that’s it. From there, you can make the […]

There are two featured post options available! This gives you 3 options when posting new content.

This is an embedded video (we uploaded it to the site, it resides on the server). Adding a video in WordPress is as simple as uploading a photo. You can then simply embed it in your post.